Why You Should Consider Donating Your Car To A Trade School

If you have a vehicle that you no longer need or want to own anymore, you might want to think about donating it to a local trade school. There are many benefits that will come from doing this. To learn more, you will want to check out these points:

You Don't Have To Deal With It Anymore

It can take a while to sell a vehicle, especially considering that there are already a lot of vehicles out there for sale and you have to basically find the perfect buyer for your car. In the meantime, you have to set aside a lot of your own personal time to show the vehicle to anyone that calls with a potential interest in it. Also, you have to keep it in good shape so it will finally sell. Many towns and cities also require that all vehicles always have an up-to-date inspection sticker, registration, and an emissions sticker if that is something required in their state. Making use of the option to simply quickly donate the vehicle to the local trade school means that you won't have to worry about dealing with any of that.

You Could Get A Tax Write Off

A lot of car donations can be used as a tax write off, especially things that are valuable. You may be able to write off the entire value of the vehicle, or a portion of it. Your tax preparation specialist will be able to help you determine how much of the value can be included in your deductions on your taxes. Just make sure that you are getting a donation receipt from the trade school. This is your proof that you donated it to them, instead of selling it to them.

You Are Helping Students

Many people find that it simply feels good to help students learn their craft. After all, you and a lot of people that you know will be in need of the assistance of a mechanic at some point in the future. Wouldn't it be great to be able to say that you helped young aspiring mechanics? Sure, there is a lot that they can learn from books, but something like auto mechanics is best learned in an environment where they can do hands-on work. This is where your vehicle comes into play. They can take it apart, replace various pieces and parts, and put it all back together again in order to get the most practice.